Ehsaas Ramzan 8070 free Atta program 2023 online

8070 free atta

In this Holy month of Ramadan, 8070 free atta programs launched in which every Muslim celebrates happiness and fasting. By considering the current financial issue and inflation the government started this free atta program for this Ramadan. You can register yourself by sending a message to the 8070 free atta scheme.

For this Ramadan, the government announced that 10kg 3 bags of Atta will be distributed among poor families. Families whose income is very less can avail of this scheme and claim free 3 bags of flour from different allocated locations called sastabazar.

Ehsaas Ramzan program 8070 online registration 

The prime minister of Pakistan started this program after discussing it with their cabinet. He started this program promptly by considering the sudden spikes in prices due to the global inflation rate after the covid. The currency of Pakistan is now devalued as an impact the buying power of people gets reduced.

By considering all these effects the government initiated this program in which free atta will be distributed among the families. They also announced subsidizing the petrol prices for the poor or low-wage people. The chairman of this program announced this program that approximately 10 million people will get free atta from this scheme till the 25 Ramazan. The total budget allocated for this program is 53 Arab rupees. The process is super simple and you don’t have to go anywhere just send a message to 8070 and can also register online. You will get all the details below in this article.

Ehsaas free atta registration through 8070 online 2023

Registration for the Ehsaas free atta program has started. The free atta will be distributed till 25 Ramazan at different locations.  The families will get a 10 kg bag of atta/flour free. To register yourself you just need to send a message to the 8070  dedicated portals for this program.

For registration please follow the complete guide.

  1. You need a valid CNIC 
  2. An active sim number 
  3. Send your CNIC number from your active sim to 8070 for registration.
  4. You will receive a confirmation message from 8070
  5. Finally, receive the atta bag from the utility store and any nearest distribution point.

Ehsaas free atta online registration via web portal 

Now you can also register yourself online by visiting the official website of the Punjab social protection authority (PSPA) in very easy steps. You can check all the details here on this website about the eligibility and the registration process and also can register yourself by providing all the details and following the steps.

Ramazan free atta package check the online status 

The Ramazan 8070 free atta program is specially started for low-income people. They will get only free atta from the government for the month of Ramazan so at least they can have some relief and make your food. 

To claim this package you must register through the PSPA or BISP. if you are not already registered then hurry up and register yourself. This program is valid till the 25th of Ramazan. 

To check your status send your ID card number with this format type (Atta>CNIC #) send it to 8070 and wait for the confirmation message. After that, you can claim free atta from the registered utility stores and truck points.

Note: you must require a minimum message balance to send the message at 8070

Who is eligible for the free atta 8070 program?

ehsaasn Ramzan 8070 free atta

You can check the eligibility criteria for the free atta program on the website and also on the advertising banners. The free atta program is launched for poor-class people with very fewer incomes so that in this Ramazan they can easily make food for their fasting and don’t have to struggle. This program was launched by considering the current inflation scenario in the country everything is getting so expensive and the poor people is struggling for food and basic human needs. 

The following criteria must be fulfilled to claim this free atta scheme

  • Monthly income less than 60000
  • Only families registered with PSPA and BISP 

Terms and Conditions For 8070 Free Atta Online Check 2023

Following are the terms and conditions you must comply with to avoid any inconvenience later.

  1. The free atta scheme is only valid for beneficiaries whose monthly income is less than 60,000.
  2. The beneficiary must have a valid CNIC number at the time of registration.
  3. The subsidy is only available for atta, and not for other food items.
  4. The subsidy will be provided through registered sale points and utility stores.
  5. The beneficiary who is already getting any other food or Rashan subsidy will not be entertained in this program.

Muft atta scheme 8070 online registration 

In this program, the families will get a 10 kg bag of atta free for the month of Ramazan. The registrations are open and you can get this free atta scheme till the 25th of Ramzan. 

The total budget allocated for this program is 53  billion rupees which is a huge amount. About 20,000 different sale points along with the truck and utility store facility set for this program special so people can claim this scheme easily and don’t have to suffer in heat while fasting. 

Contact number for Ehsaas Muft atta scheme online 

You can contact this number to get any information related to the Muft atta scheme.

More than 100 million people have benefited from this program.

Helpline Number: 0800-02345

Note: The very important thing to remember is always send messages from the sim card which is registered on your own Cnic otherwise you won’t get the confirmation message. You will get the 3 bags or atta in installments not at once.

FAQs about 8070 free Atta 

How can I register for the 8070 free atta program?

Simply send a message with your CNIC number to 8070 to register for this program online.

Can I register for the 8070 free atta scheme if already registered with the Benazir income support program?

Yes, you can register for the free atta program if already register with the Benazir program because this program is especially for Ramzan month.

Who is eligible for the free atta 8070 scheme?

Families whose monthly income is less than 60,000 and who are registered with BISP and PSPA are eligible for this program.

How many kilogram atta bags i will receive under this 8070 scheme?

You will get 3 bags of 10 kg atta but in installments. You can get only one bag at a single time.


This free atta program is a remarkable initiative by the Punjab government to provide atta subsidies to poor people.

We must appreciate these kinds of initiatives from the government regardless of our political affiliation with other parties. In this program, people will get a free atta for the month of Ramazan so that they can easily manage their food and fast, and be part of the Ramzan blessings.

The registration process for the 8070 Ehsaas free atta scheme is very simple and easy. All the details have been elaborated on above in this article with detail.

This scheme is a step towards elevating poverty and food security for low-income people because this class suffers most from inflation.