PM Laptop Scheme 2023 – Online Registration

PM laptop scheme

Prime minister shahbaz sharif announced reviving the famous PM laptop scheme 2023 for students. In phase-3 more than 10,000 laptops will be distributed among the college and university students.

In the previous 2 phases of the PM laptop scheme, more than 50,000 laptops were distributed among the students on merit. This laptop program was held under the higher education commission. This program also falls under the Ehsaas Program and elevates the financial burden on the parents.

What is Ehsaas PM laptop scheme 2023?

The PM laptop scheme is for students enrolled in any graduate or undergraduate program from any public university across Pakistan. The aim is to equip the students with digital facilities to cater to the needs of modern education.

For the students who get admission on merit at public universities but can’t afford a laptop for research purposes, this program is for them. The world is shifting to modern education and online research is very important. 

In this program, the qualified students will get advanced and updated machines to cater to their needs for research work. Also, this is very important for students who are in the IT and programming fields.

This program will help uplift their skills and knowledge before entering into practical work to compete in their domains.

Why PM Laptop Scheme Was Started?

The Ehsaas PM laptop scheme was launched to equip the students with modern facilities. The growth of the country depends upon the capital of its intellect in the country. Pakistan is blessed in this sense and has more than 60% population under 30 age.

Currently, in this situation, the government can’t provide enough jobs to the students. There the government has started different programs to upskill the youth so they can earn some money and be self-sufficient. 

In this scheme talented students from poor families after getting the laptop can learn a skill. After that, they can provide service in any freelancing platform and contribute to the economy. The burden on the government for providing jobs can also be reduced.

Objectives of Ehsaas PM laptop Scheme 

The following are the main objectives behind the initiative of this scheme.

  • To improve the quality of education, especially in the science and technology sector.
  • Boost productivity and value addition in the learning process.
  • To ensure the potential of IT is fully used and optimized 
  • To promote the students to learn a skill and do freelancing 
  • Providing smart campus facilities to increase the learning process.

List of eligible Universities 

Students who are currently studying in any HEC-recognized public university main and sub-campuses can apply for this program from all over Pakistan.

The list of eligible universities is: List of Universities

How to Apply For Ehsaas PM Laptop Scheme online registration?

Students are advised to apply for the program online by following these easy steps.

  1. First of all, visit the portal
  2. After opening the link, create your account, and if already registered just sign in to your account.
  3. After signing in it will ask for your id card to verify if already registered or not
  4. After that you will have to complete the form with all your information like your personal information, then your degree and university details.
  5. After providing all the details review your application carefully and then submit.

Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas PM Laptop Scheme.

The eligibility criteria are as follows 

A Student must have a valid CNIC/B form.

Must be a valid student as the closing date of application submission is 30th June 2023.

 PM laptop scheme 2023

What are the eligibility/distribution criteria for the PM laptop scheme?

The distribution criteria for the laptop scheme will be entirely merit base. The applicant must be a student of any public university recognized by the HEC. He should have a valid CNIC with him.

Of course, the government has some quotas for different programs and university enrolments.

As per the PM office directions the Balochistan quota has been 14 % and 14000 laptops will be distributed in this region. The remaining 86000 will be distributed in public sector universities in accordance with their enrolments.